Vita Brevis

I hear the singing of the undertow
beneath the crumbling waves.

I watch it greedily leach
away the sand beneath
Fellini's beached monster.

The tide has drowned the beach
between us; the girl too distant,
too innocent to reach from here.

I turn my back on the fantastic
and light another cigarette.


writerwoman said...

Great imagery.

This poem will be linked to by Poets Who Blog on July 13th as part of our July Collection. Thank you for being a part of PWB.

Anonymous said...

It's hard to convey indifference and similar feelings well in poetry, but you succeed. Good piece.

jack sender said...

i like it.
"too innocent to reach"

PWB Manager said...

Your blog will be featured on October 2 at Poets Who Blog, during our Shine a Light on Poetry Month.


Mark Folse said...

Sorry for the slow reply Sara, but thank you. We've been a bit busy down here with Hurricane Gustav.